Baghdad’s First Dance Event: Summer Festival

Music is a universal language that has an infinite reach and can bring people from all walks of the world together. Another milestone has been reached in the city of Baghdad, Iraq. The first-ever EDM style music festival, named Summer Festival, took place this past weekend in the city of Baghdad.

In an article written by The Jakarta Post titled, ‘Beats Replace Bombs’, the festival was the first of its kind. The event was held in People’s Hall on Friday, August 16th. According to the article, the event started at noon with a car show and later on in the day was when DJ’s took the stage and began performing. There were a couple of hundred ravers attending the event.

In a city and country that may have some negative tones when it gets mentioned, it is uplifting to see this kind of event take place in the city. The lovers of dance and music must have a huge feeling of relief knowing that an event like this has finally found its way into their city.

It is still unclear what the future holds or what events may follow up in the city, but this is clearly a positive step. Residents of the city can now come together as one and engage in their love for music. Hopefully, stability continues to find the city, which will lead to more events like this for the people to enjoy.


Photo via The Jakarta Post.