Beatport unsold records

News: Beatport to clear unsold records in its storage

Online electronic music store Beatport is to remove a selection of unsold records from its platform, more specifically, tracks that have never been purchased before the start of 2019.

Over the years, the website has accumulated a significant amount of music as it’s services have become increasingly popular with DJ’s and producers alike, buying and selling their music. As a result, it appears the online distributor is set to make some changes to the way it treats its storage. Beatport is aiming to enforce a new procedure which will regularly free up storage by removing unsold records annually.

It appears they have taken a similar approach to that of TraxSource who work to a similar process every 2 years. In a statement, Beatport has said that it “will begin to delete all releases which haven’t sold any units since the release date. Only content released before January 2019 will be affected at this time”.

For now, it seems like a logical step for the online music store as it looks to sustain itself in the future. In the end, it will benefit the consumers as Beatport establishes more control over its output and will find a reasonable balance between demand and storage.

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