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Our dedicated ‘Best of’ playlist

Best Of: Armin van Buuren

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Our dedicated ‘Best of’ playlist on Spotify takes a weekly dive into your favourite artists’ discography to curate a selection of their greatest hits, forgotten masterpieces and new tunes. Allowing you to enjoy the best of their catalogue in one place. This week, we focus on one of the biggest pioneers of dance music, Armin van Buuren

He is best known for his ability to create timeless hits in a wide variety of genres and his unrivaled live performances, which are often regarded as the most emotional sets from those who attend his shows. Throughout his illustrious career, Armin van Buuren has also demonstrated his incredible passion for dance music though his incredible hard work and dedication, as he is able to regularly release music, run a successful label Armada Music and his A State Of Trance shows all whilst keeping up with a busy touring schedule. He recently celebrated the 1,500th release on his imprint Armind with a banging new tune ‘Stickup‘, which has already been gaining support from the biggest acts in the scene.

The 5-time winner of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll has delivered several trance albums which have had an immense impact on the scene, such as ‘Shivers’, ‘Imagine’ and ‘Mirage’. As the sound of electronic music evolved in 2013, so did Armin van Buuren with ‘Imagine’ and ‘Embrace’. His single release ‘Ping Pong’ has also grown to become one of the most iconic festival tracks of all time since its release in 2013. As it has been remixed and mashed up by the worlds biggest artists and is still being played today thanks to it’s incredible ability to entertain the crowd. Armin has since released more festival anthems which are also still being played on the world’s biggest stages. ‘Great Spirit’ with Vini Vici and Hilight Tribe is still going strong and his single ‘Blah Blah Blah’ was one of the most played tracks at Tomorrowland 2019 despite being released more than one year ago.

You can listen to all these amazing tunes and many more via our dedicated ‘Best of: Axwell’ playlist on Spotify below.

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