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Black Coffee reflects about music divisions on Instagram

It is common knowledge that electronic music is very diverse, with diverse genres, for all types and tastes, but how healthy is it for the music industry? How far is this musical segregation advantageous for artists and especially for the public that consumes and moves the scene? It was thinking about this whole separation that Black Coffee blew it out on his Instagram. In a short 1 minute video, Black Coffee, who made a brilliant performance at Tomorrowland recently, reflects on this whole division that is part of today’s electronic music. He says he doesn’t like it and that splitting this rich genre just to create barriers between artists and the setting itself is not the smart thing to do.

What if you didn’t know who makes the songs you listen to? What if we all set aside prejudices and stopped to listen to the music without judgment? Sometimes you may have heard the best music of your life, but because it was made by someone “commercial”, you would never play or listen to it, ignore it completely, only by the barriers imposed by the industry.

Music is a universal language and Black Coffee wants to raise that flag by showing that we can come together and prove that there is so much more than the divisions we create. Check out Black Coffee speaking his heart out on Instagram, which has received the support of several artists, such as David Guetta:

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Music is a universal language… barriers ♥️

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