Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha – Happinezz (feat. Ginger)

One of the fastest-growing techno artists at the moment, German DJ and producer Boris Brejcha is back with another release. Following his previous melodic techno track ‘Gravity’ featuring Laura Korinth, Boris Brejcha just dropped ‘Happinezz’ featuring German vocalist Ginger, on Ultra Music. The artist keeps showing us why he deserves all the recognition he has been getting lately, selling out shows all around the world, including his first American tour, which will take place later this month.

‘Happinezz’ nicely represents classic Boris Brejcha signature “Hi-Tech Minimal” sound and style. It starts out with a thumping bassline and bassdrum, introducing the female robotic vocals early on in the track, creating a mysterious vibe and take you to another dimension with the melodic synths. It features quite some raw sounds, while it still remains very groovy and adds some trance-infused vibes. It reaches its climax around 01:30, when the bassline reaches its peak and introduces us to an uplifting, flowy beat. ‘Happinezz’ includes some darker elements, that set the mood, but is overall a really positive track, that will make you move on the dance floor.

Boris Brejcha is definitely moving into the right direction with his music, which also shows in all of the recognition that he has been getting lately. He is starting his first American tour very soon, with six confirmed dates, two of the shows already sold out in San Francisco and Los Angeles. German talent who made his debut on the scene back in 2006 with ‘Monster’ and ‘Yellow Kitchen’, came a long way and keeps shaping the melodic techno genre with its own, signature style.

From what we have seen so far, we can certainly expect more fresh music from Brejcha in the upcoming months, as well as some amazing shows, for which the tour dates can be found over here.

Check out ‘Happinezz’ feat. Ginger below:

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