Carnage, Nazaar – Blitzkrieg

Las Vegas based Carnage is someone who knows the music industry in and out. Known as one of the reigning kings of Festival Trap and Hard Bass, he later become one of the first DJs to properly reach out to the Hip-Hop world and make tracks with some one of the champions of Hip-Hop including G-Eazy and Wiz Khalifa which earned him attention from TIME and Complex to name a few. Seemingly settling into that world, it felt like Carnage would eventually leave EDM behind for a while, but his latest track is here to disprove that.

Dropping his first EDM track of 2019 after taking a break in 2018 to importantly focus on his mental health, Carnage stormed back into the Hard Bass world like a tornado and ‘Blitzkrieg’ is his way of saying that he never left. Rising Arab producer Nazaar, who has released an official remix for none other than The Chainsmokers, lends his dark, aggressive sounds to ‘Blitzkrieg’ and together, the pair are an absolutely unstoppable force of nature.

Starting the track off with sirens and noises of destruction instantaneously sets the dark, disruptive, tone letting the listeners know that this isn’t a track that plays around. Carnage’s unmistakable sound is present as ever, with Nazaar injecting a fresh perspective, and proves that he never strayed far from his roots and never lost that touch. Assaulting the senses, the drop comes along to blow the entire track out of the water and adds a punching, unforgiving, layer of Hard Bass.

Stream ‘Blitzkrieg’ here and watch the official music video below.


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