[Press pic] Carnage (c) Bryan Perez - Holy Moly

Carnage’s ‘Holy Moly’ release gets an absurdly funny music video

After a brief hiatus from the hurly-burly of the dance music industry, American producer and DJ Carnage‘s return to the forefront of the charts has been nothing short of a interesting turn of events. After what is presumable to be a period of recovery from the stress of the DJ life and since his return to the charts, Carnage has released a bunch of tracks – among them, the thunderous and power-packed ‘Blitzkrieg‘ and then the emotionally stirring ‘Letting People Go‘, which marks a personal and emotional rejoinder against the vociferous and degenerate immigrant politics of our times. Adding to his tally for 2019, the Trap-producer released ‘Holy Moly’ with Yangon based producer duo Terror Bass – who, we must note, add to the exciting crop of producers rising from the Southeast Asian region.

And now that all is said and done on the charts, the thumping release has received an equally leveled exclusive music video. Strung along the lives of nuns, the video flips the ethics of this religious and disciplined life into the mechanics of a street kerfuffle and conspiracies, which carry with it, the pain of lost lives. The gimmicks of the video align nicely alongside the Organ-like sounds employed in the original, only for it be completely overturned with the ‘drop’ of the downright impressive bass-lines which stretch the very listening horizon. As if the track itself was not enough, the Carnage fans have a memorable viewing to latch onto with this ‘Holy Moly’ video.

You can get the track on iTunes here or stream it on Spotify here.

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