deadmau5 creates a new platform forum for paid subscribers

It’s no secret to anyone that Joel Zimmerman, known by stage name deadmau5, is an extremely outspoken guy. Never one to shy away from expressing his opinions and never censoring himself, this had lead to landing himself in hot water in the past, most notably with the hugely influential streaming service Twitch. Twitch is a website where anyone can stream anything to audiences, and that’s what Deadmau5 did. Whilst playing PUBG on a public stream, he let slip some offensive language which lead to Twitch suspending his account, and in retaliation, he deleted his account entirely and ended his partnership whilst also refusing to apologise for what was said (but also acknowledged the toxicity of the language). In light of his business relationship with Twitch coming to an abrupt end earlier this year, deadmau5 took a break from streaming anything at all on any platforms for months but now he’s back in full swing – but this time he’s doing it on his own terms.

Announcing it to fans on socials recently, ‘deadmau5 Community’ is a completely new and unique forum for fans of the producer to join a forum-based community for $5 a month (similar to Twitch). The benefits of being a subscriber include exclusive gameplay/AMA/music video streams, one on one chatting with deadmau5, first access to multiple things such as merchandise, show tickets and a lot more.

“The official deadmau5 app delivers an enhanced fan experience. Gain access like never before – check out tour, production and gaming content and go behind the scenes on the road; earn rewards and connect with fans from around the world.”

deadmau5 says the community is currently in a beta mode – still testing things out – but a 30 day trial is available to people right now. For all information, including Android and iOS download options, click here.

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