Creamfields Mau5trap

deadmau5 premieres special Creamfields edition of Mau5trap radio

After showing his Cube 3.0 project for the first time in the United Kingdom, deadmau5 has treated his loyal followers to a special Creamfields edition of Mau5trap Radio. Filled with tons of quality music from his imprint, Joel features music from label regulars such as ATTLAS, Rezz and Rinzen, just to name a few.

London-based Feed Me, who enjoyed the release of his album ‘High Street Creeps’ earlier this year, saw 3 of his album’s 10 tracks featured in this episode, as ‘Feel Love’‘Defiant’ and ‘Perfect Blue’ all blissfully enter the listeners’ minds & hearts alike. Joel also throws some support toward the way of fellow Canadian, Rezz, whose 2 tracks, ‘Flying Octopus and ‘Relax’ both make it into the radio show.

Having gained increasingly prominent traction as of late, Los Angeles-based i_o also sees two of his tracks earn the support of the mau5, as his dark, pumping Techno anthems ‘Possession’ and ‘Death By Techno‘ pulsate through the airwaves. Mau5trap native, ATTLAS also sees some of his music make the cut, with ‘Ryat’ and his collaboration ‘Bad At Titles’ with the label’s head-honcho feature toward the start and end of the episode.

Take a listen to the special Creamfields edition of Mau5trap radio below and check out the full tracklist here.

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