Porter Robinson debut album ‘Worlds’ turns 5 years old

At the very start of his career, Porter Robinson was known for creating crazy, hyped up, dance music that electrified the senses in the form of the ‘Spitfire’ EP (which also happened to be the first release on the Skrillex-owned label Owsla). Carrying on this form of dance music for a while, it wasn’t until he released the stunning single Language‘ that fans got shown a different side to what Porter could create, and it was a teaser in some way as to the direction Porter would soon go in with his music. However, for Porter Robinson it was his debut studio album, ‘Worlds’ that shot him into the stratosphere.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been five whole years since Porter Robinson unleashed his debut album ‘Worlds’ to his fans. Feeling tired of creating the craziest party music he could, he made the decision to no longer sacrifice his creativity as an artist and thus ‘Worlds’ was born. Blending his love for Japanese culture and the unique style of video games and anime was a huge driving force for the creation process of this album which shines brightly through with his use of Japanese lyrics in the track ‘Flicker’ and also ‘Sad Machine’ where Porter sung a duet with a Vocaloid – a singing voice synthesizer software.

The 12-track album, which was released by Astralwerks, also birthed a beautifully unique live show named ‘Worlds Live‘. Still being performed today, five years later, the ambitious show featured live instruments such as a keyboard and drum pad and also involved live singing. Accompanied by an unbelievable visual show that felt like a story being told with ‘Worlds’ (and earlier songs such as ‘Language’ and ‘Say My Name’ being given the ‘Worlds Live’ edit) as its soundtrack, a different universe was created. Although the live show has gone through multiple additions and changes over the years, fans still manage to maintain the same level of excitement as when it was fresh, which proves that Porter Robinson has created utter magic.

Re-listen to ‘Worlds’ below and tell us your favourite memories of this classic Porter Robinson album in the comments!

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