Diplo makes grand appearance on Calvin Klein’s latest Ad

Aside from his superb music producing skills, Diplo is highly recognized for his witty humour and scandalous Instagram posts that constantly display his hard-rock athletic figure. This time around, Diplo has decided to showcase himself through his most recent appearance on Calvin Klein’s newest #IRL Fall campaign alongside supermodels Naomi Campbell and Bella Hadid, Cleveland Browns player Odell Beckham Jr., Jelly Lin, HBO’s Euphoria pretty boy Jacob Elordi, and a few others.

The dance music superstar promoted his grand role in Calvin Klein’s new #MyCalvins ad through a video post on his Instagram account (with a ridiculously silly caption of course). The first post is a snip of the one and a half minute long commercial captioned “how tf am I supposed to compete with the euphoria dream boy“, followed by two more shirtless posts promoting the Calvin Klein brand in the most Diplo-humored manner. Specifically rocking the brand’s statement-making 1981 Boldtrunks, they sure picked the right celebrity personality to represent the EDM world.

The fresh and raw Calvin Klein commercial features a new take on what sexy represents, showcasing its models in scenes where they feel both confident and vulnerable all throughout. The most raunchy part involves Diplo and Naomi Campbell sex-chatting through webcam in full-force, while he downs a bag of chips in another scene but still feeling sexy while wearing his Calvins. If you haven’t yet, check out the full ad here and take a peek at the Major Lazer front man’s amusing role in the campaign.