DJ Snake & Rihanna

DJ Snake reveals “No Option” was initially meant for Rihanna

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DJ Snake has unveiled his original intentions for his collaboration “No Option” alongside Burna Boy, stating he actually produced the track with pop sensation Rihanna in mind. The 33-year-old Frenchman has just released his second album “Carte Blanche”, which has already seen great success, reaching #28 in the iTunes album chart, reaching particular chart heights in the US, Spain, Brazil and France. The album features a long list of mouth-watering collaborations with the likes of Zomboy, Bryson Tiller and ZHU all contributing towards a sublime collection of tracks.

One collaboration has sparked up more interest than the others, however, as “No Option” appears to have been originally set-up for another artist. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, DJ Snake revealed that the record was intended for the irresistible tones of Rihanna. He sent versions of the track to Burna Boy before he contacted Rihanna. Being no stranger to the dance music world, she was said to have wanted to collaborate on the project upon first listening to it. Sometime after, she then appears to have rejected the opportunity to feature seamlessly on a Reggae-infused production that would arguably have suited no-one better. It, therefore, begs the question, had circumstances turned out differently, as to if this track would have played a different role in the release of the album. It might have seen even greater success with Rihanna adding her commercial talent to an all-star roster, who have come together to create the remarkable piece of art we now know as “Carte Blanche”. 

You can watch DJ Snakes full interview with Zane Lowe below in which he also details his rise in the industry, his upbringing and of course the ideas and influences behind his new album. You can continue to stream said album on all major platforms and expect to hear tracks from it on heavy rotation as we near the year continues.





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