WATCH: An exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of Eric Prydz’s Holosphere

It’s no secret that Eric Prydz is completely redefining the visual aspect of live performance and has been doing for years now with projects such as EPIC and HOLO. Always changing it up, it isn’t long until Prydz moves onto creating new live shows and his latest one was arguably his most ambitious yet shortest-ran set ever. Announcing the debut of it at the 2019 edition of Tomorrowland, the EPIC 6.0: Holosphere was set to be there for both weekends but the unfortunate collapse of the Freedom Stage just before weekend two made it impossible for it to be there for the second weekend.

With two years in the making, the Holosphere is five tons and over two stories high, and is so ambitious that it made Tomorrowland redesign their Freedom Stage to accommodate it, something that the festival doesn’t usually do, and every single aspect of the Holosphere setup was custom made including the LED strips that cover the entire sphere to display the mind blowing visuals. To get an idea of how things such as lights, visuals (mainly the trippy eyeball visual) and lasers would look in a spherical sense, designer/VJ Liam Tomaszewski and lighting head Ross Chapple played with effects by using a yoga ball to get a first hand look at a physical sphere.

If you’re wondering whether the Holosphere concept will be around to tour other places, the answer is extremely unlikely as it was only booked for Tomorrowland, but the limited runs of Eric Prydz EPIC shows is what makes them even more special and unique, giving them that ‘must see’ factor.

“What a lot of people don’t realize, is that even though they buy a ticket and they come to see the show and it’s two hours, for us, it’s been two years.” – Eric Prydz via The Verge

Watch the behind the scenes footage of the making of Holosphere below.

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