Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz releases highly-anticipated Pryda 15 Vol. II

After some hiccups throughout the year, there’s some good news from Swedish maestro Eric Prydz. After announcing a 3-part EP that is to be released in June, July and August, the second part of PRYDA 15, PRYDA 15 Vol. II, is now available to stream and purchase on major platforms including Apple Music, Beatport, and Spotify. The release was originally planned for July, however, due to issues with the files, this needed to be delayed and was only released today.

PRYDA 15 Vol. II consists of 8 tracks, some of which the release has been highly anticipated by the Prydz fan community. Starting with ‘Sonar’ (Sonar ID 01), ‘From Within’, ‘The Riddle’ (Montreux Jazz ID) and ‘Humlan’ (Queen 2010 ID) continued by ‘Legacy’ (Sonar ID 02), ‘Villa Mercedes’, ‘Hiidden’ (Hï Ibiza ID) and finished off by ‘The Drive’ (Mambo 2015 ID).

One of the most notable releases on the EP is probably ‘Villa Mercedes ID’, which has been around since 2009 and only got released now, 10 years after being played for the first time.

As a huge fan of Eric myself, I’m very happy with both releases so far (who wouldn’t be happy about any official Prydz release?) and can’t wait until PRYDA 15 Vol. III and what he is going to dig out of the vault to complete the anniversary release.

Along with PRYDA 15 Vol. I, which was released in June, we now have 2 highly anticipated EPs out there and yet, the last one of the 3 is to be released this month to complete the trilogy for the 15th anniversary of PRYDA. One thing is certain, there’s still a lot of IDs out there (or more like in his vault) that won’t be released as part of PRYDA 15 but hopefully in the future.

Check out the EP below and let us know what you think in the comments. What is your favorite track? Were you waiting for one these IDs to be released? What are you hoping to see on PRYDA 15 Vol. III?

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