Flume – Quits [EP]

After a few years off from releasing anything, Australian producer Flume has been making up for lost time. After unexpectedly dropping the Hi This Is Flume‘ mixtape, he then went onto releasing the singles ‘Friends’ and ‘Let You Know’.  All in all, it’s been an extremely productive year for Flume – aka Harley Streten. In the midst of all the fresh new music, he also dropped tour dates in which he promises something completely different and now the mastermind Flume has dropped even more new music in the form of a three-track ‘Quits’ EP.

‘Quits’ is the collaborative effort between Flume and rapper Reo Cragun. If Cragun’s name rings a bell, it’s because he is also the featured vocalist on the standalone single ‘Friends’ and now the two real life friends have joined forces once again.

“Reo’s got a great ability to adapt to whatever’s going on musically, whether it’s something on the slower side or something high energy he’s able to complement and engage with it in a way that’s quite unique.” – Flume

The first track, and EP title, ‘Quits’ is the perfect insight into the world of this EP. With Cragun’s vocals leading the track effortlessly, Flume’s unmistakable sound kicks in and thus a beautiful lovechild of silky vocals and bubbly, futuristic, sounds is born. With all this being said, it’s clear that ‘Quits’ will become a staple in Flume’s live sets for years to come. Moving onto the middle track, ‘Levitate’ is quite different from ‘Quits’, but is equally as magical. Starting off with a softer and lighter sound, Cragun raps his way into the track alongside hard-hitting beats that give the track a multi-dimensional feel to it. The last track is a familiar face to Flume fans, with ‘Friends’ getting the edit treatment especially for the EP. Not much has changed about the track at all, but still feels as fresh and exciting as it’s original release date.

Listen to the stunning new EP below!

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