Flume shares samples for producers to use

Flume has had quite the start to 2019. Having already premiered a mixtape and a new collaborative EP entitled Quits, the Australian producer has unveiled his latest project. It is without being said that Flume has one of the best sound designs in the dance music world, so it would be absurd for him not to share it and thankfully, he has done just that.

The new project, entitled Flume’s Sound Files, enables producers to use these samples to create a track and upload it so that Flume himself, can listen to what the world has to offer. The samples have varying lengths and BPM’s, from 6 seconds to 63 seconds and 96 BPM to 161 BPM.

The samples do come with a catch however. Included in the Dropbox is a User Agreement which states that you cannot monetize anything from these sounds or make commercial gain. Flume can use anything that you create and upload only to ‘promote and recap’ the sound file project. Otherwise, the sounds are yours to do what you wish with.

Feel free to check out and download the sounds here, although make sure you read the user agreement fully!