Armin van Buuren

Gaia release ‘Moons of Jupiter [Sampler 03]’

Following the release of their album “Moons of Jupiter” back in June, Gaia has treated us to 4 more cuts from the album in the form of another sampler pack.

Armin van Buuren and Benno de Goeij continue to share their innovative take on contemporary dance music, straying away from the formalities of trance that they are known so well for. Released on Armada Music, “Moons of Jupiter” was their first album together as Gaia, transcending genres by exploiting raw synths, beats and loops to generate a mesmerising cosmic aesthetic.

“Sampler 03” is the latest sampler pack to stem from the album and includes enchanting extended mixes of “Jupiter LXXI (S2018J1)”, Lysithia [Sine Square Noise]”, “Elara” and “Io”. Although they have no upcoming shows, it is with no doubt we will see these cuts weave their way into their extraordinary live shows sometime soon.

Prior to its release, there were two other sampler packs before “Sampler 03”, which draw even more focus upon every little detail of their work.

There is surely more to come as Gaia “explore new universes”. The duo is evidently as busy as ever, developing the innovative ideas they have held on to throughout their successful solo careers.

Take yourself away from hustle and bustle of planet earth by listening to the celestial bliss of “Moons of Jupiter [Sampler 3]” below!

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