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Ghost Producer. Well, just the

All about Ghost Producers and Ghost Production Services

Home Uncategorized All about Ghost Producers and Ghost Production Services

Ghost Producer. Well, just the combination of these two words tops the list of controversies in the music industry at the moment. With the rising competition in the EDM industry, the term Ghost Producer has come in the limelight more often than ever before. People have divided opinions on Ghost Production with some in favour and some in not but one thing no one denies is the existence of it that too in large numbers.

What is Ghost Production?  &  Who is a Ghost Producer?

Fundamentally, a Ghost Producer is a music producer who makes or co-writes music tracks for another artist where his name stays off-camera and nowhere to be referenced. The track released is often termed as a Ghost Production. The track is released under the name of the artist or record label that contracts the ghost producer to make tracks for them. Consequently, the ghost producer gets a flat fee or gets paid in royalties for the tracks they produce. The phenomenon of selling the track under the name of other artist and not the ghost producer him/herself is a mutual and lawful understanding between both the two parties.

Artists Involved

A decent number of artists at all tiers of the EDM industry are involved with Ghost Producers. New Artists use it as a breakthrough opportunity, mid-level artists use it as a means to make it to the Top tier and the top tier use it as a means to stay relevant and also to ease of their busy touring schedule. Artists like Martin Garrix, KSHMR, Porter Robinson, Maarten Vorwerk and many others have confessed that they have worked as Ghost Producers for the other artists in the industry. Some of the industry’s biggest hits are rumoured to be Ghost Produced. The list of rumoured Ghost Produced Tracks include:

  • Epic by Sandro and Quintino
  • Wakanda by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
  • Stampede and Tsunami by DVBBS and Borgeous
  • Apollo by Hardwell
  • Titanium by David Guetta & Many more.

EDM Ghost Production Services

The rising competition in the EDM industry has for sure increased the threshold of acceptance of dance music songs among the audience. There are quadruple more services in the Ghost Production industry than there were a few years ago. After analysing the major services in the market at the moment we have shortlisted a few which we think provide better services than others. Marketplaces such as My Ghost Market provides various ghost production services such as PirateBeats for top-notch beats, Ghostloops for ghost produced loops and EDMwarriors for full-fledged EDM tracks. Having an option both for creating a customized track or choosing from a very big vault makes it one of the standout ghost production service at the moment. EDMwarriors focuses more on the trending genres in the EDM industry at the moment but also has various tracks for niche genres as well. The EDMwarriors website also has an in-depth FAQ section along with all the legal documents which allow for the smooth functioning of the contract between the buyer and the selling platform. Well if you are in search of a high-quality ghost producer in the EDM industry EDMwarriors is definitely one such place you should look out for.


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