Eric Prydz

Iconic Eric Prydz track ‘Pjanoo’ turns 11 years old

To call Eric Prydz a legend would be a massive understatement. Responsible for some of the most influential tracks in the entire electronic music scene, his talent has only grown stronger and stronger over the years and his light has not faded even slightly. For a lot of people, his tracks have soundtracked some of the most important parts of their lives and carry beautiful memories entwined into the unforgettable melodies and today we put the spotlight on one track in particular.

Believe it or not, ‘Pjanoo’ has already turned 11 years old. Reaching over a decade old, this track is a true hallmark of quality dance music. With a strong dosage of euphoria injected with the right amount of energy, ‘Pjanoo’ is one of those tracks where you can just tell sparked a flow of imagination and creativity in the minds of young, budding producers. Whenever this track still gets played out, its met with the exact same reaction it would’ve had over a decade ago upon release which is that of enthusiastic cheers and screams from excited audiences who pack out stages to see Eric Prydz.

Can you still remember hearing this track for the first time or do you have special memories attached to it? Let us know and stream the track below.

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