KSHMR hints at sophomore MR.BLACK collaboration on Instagram

Fueling to the vibes of an absolutely explosive ongoing summer season KSHMR has delighted his massive fanbase once again with a hint about a collaboration with Mr. Black. The latest post by KSHMR on Instagram reveals that the collaborative effort might soon be into practice. Having already released a massive hit with Mr. Black in the form of Doonka, Doonka 2.0 might be in the making.

Their previous collaboration titled ‘DOONKA’ was received with glorious reception by a wide array of dance music fans and music critics. Bound with a sign of the regular MR.BLACK beat-work, ‘DOONKA’ commenced on a high note. Working up into a prime mainstage banger,  the track conveys with extraordinary assurance – displaying Trap style advances, Psy-Trance affected pre-parts from MR.BLACK and a melodic break which is clearly a product of KSHMR’s brilliance. Grab KSHMR and MR.BLACK’s anthem from 2018, ‘DOONKA’ here.

Niles Hollowell-Dhar, the American-Indian DJ and producer has been an integral part of the music business for a long long time, yet to the majority of his fanbase it is unknown that he began his profession in the pop/hip-hop industry as, ‘The Cataracts’. Switching over to EDM, he guaranteed that his character remained unrevealed while he was concentrating on the internal voyage of his melodic development and on setting up his place in the moving world.

With no doubt in the caliber MR.BLACK and the legendary KSHMR possess, it will be exciting to see how this new collaboration will turn out. Keep following this space for more updates on their upcoming releases.


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