Madeon hypnotises Lollapalooza with debut ‘Good Faith’ show

Madeon stopped off at Lollapalooza 2019 for a special performance, debuting his dazzling GOOD FAITH LIVE show. The Frenchman didn’t hold back in Chicago, flaunting the very best of his music. What’s better, is that he even threw in a handful of extraordinary ID’s that have left us all in awe.

Straying away from typical DJ sets for this set of live shows, Madeon’s stage presence is unparalleled, performing flawless vocals throughout. The set took us on a unique journey, venturing all the way back to his 2015 Ablum “Adventure” and drawing focus to the present day with sensational live edits and mashups of his latest singles “All My Friends” and “Dream Dream Dream”. To our relief, the fan favourites “Shelter” with Porter Robinson, “Icarus” and “Pop Culture” still take pride of place in this production amongst some irresistible new music.

His visuals are hypnotic, as you can see in the videos below, every ounce of effort has been put into the show by Hugo (Madeon’s real name) and his team to make sure this trip is his most memorable to date. He has described this “Good Faith Era” as more than just a tour, so expect the unexpected in the near future.

His GOOD FAITH LIVE tour is set to continue later this year with an array of international dates. It sees him trekking across his home continent of Europe before heading state-side to perform his special new show in all its glory. Before then, however, you can watch Madeon debut his new concept and some new music at Lollapalooza below!




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