R3HAB vs Vini Vici ft. Pangea & DEGO – Alive

R3HAB and Vini Vici are no stranger to collaborations. Both artists have collaborated with names such as Armin van BurrenIcona PopW&W and Julie Bergan. R3HAB has been at the forefront of dance music over the last 7 years, with publications Forbes and Billboard calling him ‘the future of the craft’. R3HAB, born Fadil El Ghoul, has released tracks that have topped many lists and has over 20 Million streams on Spotify per month.

Although Vini Vici have performed at over 230 shows per year, all over the globe, they managed to find time in their busy schedule to collaborate on several tracks and managed to maintain their high levels of energy in the studio. They have delivered a remix for Hilight Tribe with ‘Free Tibet‘. This track managed to one of the most successful Psytrance songs on YouTube, having stacked up an incredible 90 million views. This was followed by a collaboration with Armin Van Buuren, with ‘Great Spirit‘.

R3HAB and Vini Vici have teamed up to release a festival banger, ‘Alive‘. The song features meticulous and upbeat melodies from R3HAB and the driving, heavy hitting basslines from Vini Vici. Fusing together two different styles, the track arguably stands out to make it one of the most unique and inspiring tracks of the summer. Featuring vocals from Pangea Dego, the track aligns itself for a festival anthem.

Alive is out now on CYBERPVNK, R3HAB’s own record label. You can stream the track below and be sure to keep and eye out for what R3HAB and Vini Vici get up to next.