Knife Party Lost Souls EP

Rob Swire talks Knife Party music and current state of EDM with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe

Apple Music’s exclusive Beats 1 24/7 worldwide radio station has risen in importance extremely fast, and has become a staple in the music world since it’s first air date back in 2015. One of it’s key presenters, Zane Lowe, is someone who is at the forefront of it all and always brings in the hottest and most in demand artists in the world for one on one interviews (something he has also become known for) and recently Rob Swire of Knife Party and Pendulum fame got his turn in the hot seat. To celebrate Lowe choosing the latest Knife Party banger ‘Death & Desire’ – taken from the new EP Lost Souls‘ – for the World Record on Beats 1, Swire engaged in a tell-all Facetime call with Lowe on air.

The in depth interview covered a lot of bases, most importantly discussing ‘Death & Desire’, Pendulum plans and the current state of EDM.

In the video above, Rob Swire mentions how he feels about the direction in which the industry is currently going, mentioning The Chainsmokers, who were named the highest paid DJs recently.

Moving onto talking about Zane Lowe’s World Record choice, ‘Death & Desire’, Swire goes into detail about how the song came to be a collaboration with Harrison and how they decided on choosing that song to be on the EP, also touching on Pendulum work.

“We had a collection of music that we just wanted to get out there before doing any of the Pendulum stuff. It felt like we sort of needed to finish that off before getting back to Pendulum and release this little bit of music before going quiet for a tiny bit. It’s been a while since we last released something and we wanted to make sure it was right.” – Rob Swire

The interview with Rob Swire and Zane Lowe is available to listen to below.


Zane Lowe's World Record: Knife Party – Lost Souls EP

Knife Party is back! Their 'Lost Souls EP' is streaming now on Apple Music. The duo's Rob Swire spoke to Zane Lowe about the project, dubstep and touring.Listen:

Posted by Beats 1 on Thursday, July 18, 2019

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