Pollen launches to let festival-goers earn from their passion

An innovative initiative to let people’s interests bring them closer in ways that have previously been less institutionalized, England-based Verve is using the drive of those among the festival goers age group to help share travel experiences, musical events, festivals and other opportunities with like minded youths. Keeping in line with their main objective, Verve launched Pollen – an initiative unlike any other, last year.

Pollen has been functional since January 2018 and has already collaborated with some of the bigger festivals in United Kingdom. At its kernel, Pollen is an initiative that brings together a community of young people who share the same interests when it comes to travelling, sports and attending music events – from local parties to headlining music festivals. While limited to an invite-only model, Pollen’s members get to experience some of the exclusive rewards such as free tickets, VIP upgrades, backstage passes among others, that come in the form of points when events and festival buzz is shared with their near and dear.

What’s more is that for its next phase, Pollen’s setup has already officially partnered with some of the biggest festivals in North America and around the world. In other words, Pollen is giving exclusive access to its members for few of the biggest DJs and performers at the world’s most famous main-stages across the globe. Unique and a completely experience driven initiative, Pollen is looking to change the entire event promotion industry by letting audiences participate and access rewards for spreading and sharing their passion for the music they love, and it looks like they’re already succeeding with their unique rewards and opportunities that encourage people to get involved as much as they can.

You can read more about Pollen on the official website here or apply directly here, or apply directly here (UK) or here (US), and take advantage of We Rave You’s skip the queue access.

Pollen – Teaser

Exclusively-priced tickets, backstage passes and VIP entry to the world's best festivals. Discover all these and more on Pollen. ?For UK festival-goers: http://bit.ly/pollenweraveyouUK

Posted by We Rave You on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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