Eric Prydz

WATCH: Eric Prydz delivers intimate set at Tomorrowland W2

It’s commonly agreed that Eric Prydz is a Tomorrowland icon. Everyone knows, but seeing all his genius in practice, whether it be his great audiovisual shows or well-designed set, is always great, and that’s what happened during the Tomorrowland second weekend.

After a big debut from the long-awaited HOLOSPHERE, all eyes of the festival were on what Prydz would do the following week, however, nature didn’t help much as a windstorm collapsed the Freedom Stage and the indoor stage, thus, turning to alternative means. However, moving all the necessary structure for the great show of the Swedish DJ and producer proved to be a true task, as staff only had after all of 24 hours to move all the equipment needed to make HOLOSPHERE happen. Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash and the show had to go on, and as expected, Eric Prydz wasn’t discouraged and gave his fans at Tomorrowland a spectacular set.

Incorporating his alter-aliases Pryda, ToNjA Holma and of course, Prydz, Eric delivered a more intimate set with great classics from his career and to the delight of fans, it is all recorded. As expected, one fan delivered big-time by recording the set in high quality and uploading it to Youtube. Be sure to relive Eric Prydz at Tomorrowland weekend 2 below!