Above & Beyond set to create a film score

Above & Beyond are kings in the trance world, and now, one of their members, Paavo Silkamaki, teased fans with some exciting news on Instagram during a recent Q&A session. A fan had asked him if they were considering the idea of creating a full film soundtrack and the answer he gave was fantastic news for fans. Paavo replied saying that it was in the works.

The British electronic music trio are working on many projects at the moment. They have recently released remixes for ‘There’s Only You‘ and they announced a huge New Years Eve Party, which is to be held in New York.

Paavo was answering some questions on Instagram and the impromptu Q&A touched on a range of topics. One of these was if he’d rather live in the past or the future. He replied with future and with a forthcoming Above and Beyond soundtrack in the works. We can totally agree on this!

Above & Beyond

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