Armin van Buuren & Tempo Giusto – Mr Navigator

Armin van Buuren announces new track ‘Mr. Navigator’, with Finnish tech-trance genius DJ Tempo Giusto

The dutchman has played it extensively during his summer tour around the biggest festivals in the world, with an outstanding reaction from the crowd, making this track collaboration one of the most expected tracks included in his next album ‘Balance’ to be released on October 25th. 

The five-time World’s No.1 DJ always plays with an extensive arrange of styles in every one of his albums, and it looks like ‘Balance’ won’t be an exception. The album contains no less than 28 tracks (some released in 2018 and 2019 have also been included), with artist like Above & Beyond, Shapov, Haliene, Luke Bond, BT, Sam Martin  and James Newman, between others. 

Tempo Giusto is a very prolific Dj and Producer since 2008, and has become of the leading names in the Tech-Trance scene releasing music in every major label, thanks to his unique sound, as well as his jaw-dropping sets well known for his deep connection with the crowd.

‘Mr. Navigator’ is an absolute banger in which we can easily feel the essence of both producers. The voices and breakdown are recognizable forms in Armin latest productions. The snare hits you right in the face before the main drop,  giving you the idea or a more big room track, but then we can see the hands of Tempo Giusto, with a round kick and bassline, and his unique drums. It becomes pure tech-trance, no leads on the drop, no pluck, just kick, bass, drum, and voices. This collaboration makes a very solid hybrid between styles, ready to make everyone jump.

If you want to dance to hard-hitter ‘Mr. Navigator’ live, make sure you check Armin van Buuren and Tempo Giusto tour dates.


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