Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha hosts Reddit AMA to unveil what’s behind the mask

We see our favorite DJs on stage at the festivals, we follow them on their social media accounts, we listen to their tracks and mixes on a daily basis – so naturally, we all love when we have the opportunity to get some long-awaited answers for our questions. More and more celebrities turn to Instagram and Facebook to live stream and have Q&A sessions. Although, it’s a great way to better connect with their fans, sometimes it feels like the questions they get from the viewers are quite general, nothing meaningful, and we can easily get bored of the small talks. Reddit offers an incredible solution to this problem. It is the perfect platform for the online community – including EDM-lovers – to interact and ask interview-like questions when artists, producers, and DJs host AMAs. AMA basically stands for ‘Ask Me Anything’, so once the feed is open, fans and supporters can pose their queries about anything they are curious about – no matter if it concerns music producing, marketing, motivation or other useful tips and tricks.

Earlier this week it was no other than the legendary techno producer, Boris Brejcha, who decide to host his Reddit AMA session and let us see what’s behind his signature joker mask by answering all of his fans and supporter’s questions.

We picked the most interesting Q&As for you, that involves announcing Boris’s new album coming in January, confirming to have some of his well- renowned hits on it:

Or revealing his inspiration for creating music:

Furthermore what he has to say about his shows:

To read the full AMA, click here.

The German DJ/ producer just finished his debuting “Fckn Tour” in the USA and Canada. To get an insight into his and his crew’s tour lifestyle, read their blog post here.

And if you haven’t yet, take a look at his recently released track ‘Happinezz’  and EP called ‘Butterflies’ below – you won’t regret! He stayed true his characteristic “high-tech minimal” style with his three new singles:


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