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If Carl Cox is known

Carl Cox stops DJing to break-up a fight [Video]

Home Uncategorized Carl Cox stops DJing to break-up a fight [Video]

If Carl Cox is known for one thing apart from being one of the greatest artist to ever stand in a DJ booth, is for being a charismatic happy man that celebrates live through Techno music. Always with a smile on his face, he enjoys playing massive and long sets of great quality music while promoting unity, love and respect. What people witnessed last weekend at the Techniques Festival in Athens was a great proof of that.

The Britishman was playing his set at the popular Greek venue Gazi Music Hall, when suddenly for reasons that still remain unclear, a fight between two attendants broke out in the middle of the dance floor. Although, it seemed that most of people didn’t care or realise about the altercation, the iconic DJ did. Then, he stopped the music, took the micro and said ‘Stop this shit, it’s too fucking good in here right now for this aggression’. Everyone looked disoriented and surprised listening to Carl Cox words.

After a few seconds of uncertainty, the lights of the club turned on. It felt like for Carl this fight was a lack of respect to both him as a DJ and the crowd that paid a ticket to enjoy of a good show. ‘I’m too happy to see that shit, so take it outside… You party people don’t need this shit inside’ was what Carl Cox exclaimed right before asking if the incident had been resolved and requesting security to kick them out of the area so he could go ahead with his set.

No questions why Carl Cox is one of the most loved and respected faces in the current electronic music scene. As legendary as he and his music are, what it’s even more impressive is that someone like him, who has been in every imaginable and inimaginable situation, still refuses to ignore and confronts situations like these. Definitely, Coxy is one of the old-time greatest!

Watch the full video of the incident below:

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