Creamfields 2020 line up

Creamfields invest £2 million into site improvements for 2020

After collecting all of the feedback from their attendees of the massive 2019 edition, Creamfields have come to the conclusion that they need to update and change some things so that they can continue to be the best UK dance music festival. Listening to fans is something the festival is extremely good at, and Creamfields 2020 will see a multitude of changes that will improve not only the site but the attendees time with aspects that will be extremely beneficial for them and the future of the festival. Creamfields 2020 marks 15 years of the festival being in the iconic home of Daresbury, Cheshire and it seems the festival is gearing up for their biggest edition and will aim to make it even bigger than this year’s phenomenal edition. Of course, being a massive festival means that there may be a few bumps in the road but that only gives room for improvement, and that’s what the festival is focusing on.

“These changes and improvements are just the beginning and we will be updating you with what we have in store along the way.” – Creamfields via Facebook

Announced earlier today, Creamfields is investing £2 million into site improvements, and this is just the beginning. Ensuring ‘better and safer customer experience’, the first set of changes announced right now are mainly aimed at customers who are camping. Some of the changes include: CCTV in the car parks, improved shower and toilet facilities, new water supplies and improved water points with more being added, more visible welfare staff on site and much more. All of these improvements will bring Creamfields to new heights and will ensure 2020 excels with all attendees having a fun and safe time with all necessary amenities.

You can see the full list of changes and improvements below. Connect with us on messenger and get updates about new music and festivals here.

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