DJ Tranz

DJ Tranz, Crownz – Our Way

DJ Tranz is a mysterious DJ who has built an ever growing fanbase thanks to his unique sounds and abilities. With an extensive catalogue of releases under his belt and a lot more to come, there is plenty of things to love about this producer and recently he has teamed up with Crownz for his latest track. Believe it or not, this is alternative synth pop band Crownz’ debut single release and with the amount of skill and talent this special band gives to the scene makes it seem like they’ve been in the game for years on end. With influences stemming from artists like MarshmelloHalsey and Chvrches, this unique group of people are headed for stardom and have plenty of exciting things lined up including performances and even more releases to wow the world.

The collaborative single ‘Our Way’ shines with positivity and is sprinkled with uplifting vibes. Serving as a reminder to live life your way, ‘Our Way’ is a perfect blend of synth pop and a strong EDM drop. The expert vocals carry the track to new levels whilst the synths work with the vocals to deliver a match made in heaven of irresistible sounds. With a whopping 36 thousand plays in just the first week of release – 10 thousand of those being in just the first few days – this track has resonated with the entire world and rightfully so.

“This song speaks to all ages in a way that says get up, get out there and live your life YOUR way without any regrets or second guessing.” – Crownz

This group of artists are ones to keep a eye on as they get ready to take over the music world. Out now on MCA Music Inc. (which is part of huge corporation Universal), ‘Our Way’ is available to stream below.

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