Don Diablo Inside My Head (Voices)

Don Diablo – Never Change

Never failing to go above and beyond with his productions, future house king Don Diablo has been at the forefront of the sub-genre for a long time now. Always staying at the top of his game with unmatched skills that shine through his tracks, whether they be original mixes or remixes for some of the best artists in the industry, this allowed him to gain a cult following all over the world and it continues to grow every day. 2019 has been a particularly busy and opportunistic year so far for Don Diablo with a number of huge releases and remixes under his belt (such as ‘Brave’ with Jessie J‘You’re Not Alone’ with Kiiara and remixes for artists like Miley Cyrus and Ellie Goulding) and the announcement of his next studio album ‘Forever’ with a world tour to go with it. Not one to slow down on his path of success, he has just unveiled his next hit track.

Taking fans on a trip down nostalgia lane, ‘Never Change’ serves as a throwback to classic Don Diablo piano house vibes. With the melody sampled from the Bruce Hornsby classic ‘The Way It Is‘, ‘Never Change‘ is the perfect mix of old school and modern. Listeners may also recognise the melody from 2PAC‘s iconic track ‘Changes‘. Having been reworked by such legendary artists, the melody is truly timeless, and will undoubtedly be recognised by generations to come.

As the track starts straight away, the nostalgia is evident through the peaceful melodies which flutter around the signature Don Diablo sound that has been crafted and perfected over years. The drop is beautifully fitted in with the overall vibe of the track, injected with energy but not overpowering of the delicate piano sounds to blend his old sound and newer sound together expertly. Playing it out at shows for a while, this has been an anticipated release and the fan reception has been hugely positive (nothing new with a Don Diablo release!).

Proving that some things truly ‘Never Change’, enjoy this nostalgia-filled piano house from the brilliant mind of Don Diablo, out now on his own record label Hexagon.

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