Party Playlist

A guide to creating the perfect party playlist


The power of music is undeniable, especially when it comes to parties! You can determine a party’s success or failure based on the music being played and how many people it gets on the dancefloor. The music sets the mood, the theme and the style of the party and can transform according to the occasion. So how do you create the perfect party playlist?

Party occasion

The first step to creating a playlist that everyone will remember is to make it occasion-appropriate. Let’s say you’re having a bachelorette party and you’re going bar-hopping in your charter bus rental, the playlist you choose will be a mix of dance music and pop songs that will get everyone in a festive mood. With many people on the bus wanting to celebrate, it’s essential to get a mix of different kinds of songs to make sure everyone is happy. If, however, you need a playlist for your grandparent’s 60th anniversary, the playlist will be quite different being composed of oldies and classical music as it will be more appropriate for the occasion and more relatable for them and their friends.

Plan your playlist to last for the duration of the party

You don’t want the music to stop halfway through the party and have to repeat all the songs. It would be quite a waste of effort you’ve already invested. So, before you start preparing the right music, plan out the duration of the party and add a buffer of a few extra songs in case the party drags on. That way, you’ll be sure that the music will keep the party alive, the attendants in a festive mood and add a lively spirit to your event that everyone will be talking about.

Add a mix of styles to suit different tastes

What you might think is the perfect dance music for your taste, others might not have quite the same opinion. That’s why it is best to have a mix of all types of songs to make sure everyone is happy. Have a mix of different genres and distribute them evenly throughout the playlist to not only cater to all tastes but also avoid other guests from getting put off, if the music isn’t their cup of tea. When it’s a one-off song every now and then, they won’t mind, but when it’s 5 or 6 songs played consecutively, you’ll definitely lose some people on the dance floor.

Don’t be afraid to get a little cheesy and add some classic crowd-pleasers. Even if they’re pretty old, you’ll be surprised how much fun everyone will have when a song like Macarena starts to play and the whole dance floor unites in making the same exact moves to the beat.

Music has the power to make or break any party and so choosing the right playlist is essential. Take the time to study the right genre, style, and favorites that will suit your guests, themes, and location. Make sure you’ve added a few of your favorite songs, too. Remember, you can never really go wrong with classic crowd-pleasers as they tend to make everyone go absolutely crazy. So turn the volume on, and get that party started!

Image Credit: Becca Clark from Pixabay

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