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How not to go wrong picking a party’s entertainment

A party’s entertainment – When you think about a party of any kind, the first thing that springs to your mind is the music. No one would like to stay at a party for more than 10 minutes if the music is horrible. Those who control the music must do their job well more than anyone as their role is integral to the event. Dancing has been something that we’ve done instinctively for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations have adored music and thought highly of it. If you’re planning a wedding, you’d want the guests to actually celebrate the wedding. You can only do that using the expertise of a talented band. Making sure that the music synchronizes with the guests to make them dance their hearts out is not an easy feat.

The process of finding the right live band to play at your event requires dedication on your part. Whether it be a live wedding band or a techno DJ. You may be attracted to their exterior style, but that doesn’t mean that their music would be everyone’s cup of tea. You want to put aside your own taste in music and widen the scope to see what kind of music your guests are expecting to be played. The main goal of a party is entertainment; it’s ok to feel that you are losing the sense of direction you’ve had at the planning phase of your party.


We’ll be giving you a few tips that can help you avoid detouring the party entertainment into a lake.


It’s become quite easy to take to the internet to know more about the different bands and their biographies. You don’t have to go club-hunting to find that obscure band you’re looking for. The internet has made it quite easy to plan a whole party or a wedding from the comforts of your home. According to Green Light Booking, using live music bands is the best way to celebrate life’s most special moments, which they make quite easy to find and hire. You can do your homework by reading online reviews of bands that you’re interested in. When people go out of their way to commend a band or review it online, it probably means that their opinion is sincere. You can look for online content by the bands you’re interested in.

Knowing your audience

You can have Beethoven revived from his grave to play at a party, you’ve hosted and still get your party’s audience to hate you. If you’re hosting a wedding party, for example, you should know that you’re not trying to satisfy people with a specific niche that came to enjoy the music. The type of band you get is dependent on the kind of audience you have, and not on your specific taste as we mentioned before. Think about the formalities of the party and why are people coming over. Is it a wedding where people expect a band to play classic hits and embrace the atmosphere of slow dancing or is it a house party with a DJ spinning the decks with the newest electronic hits? If the dominating age group of the attendees of the party is between 20 and 30, expect them to be expecting something new and edgy. Once you know what your crowd wants, the color of the music will be defined.

Event types and multiple bands

The scale and type of your party is quite important. If you’re looking for a variety for a large group of people with a lot of time, it’s advisable to think about hiring more than one band. Since the budget is usually the main issue here, it’s mostly corporate events that sponsor these kinds of parties. Jazz soloists are more popular to be a single act for an hour or two, usually featured in the cocktail hour of the party. If you have a big budget, it’s alright to feature world-renowned commercial band and still use different bands to open and close the event. A big crowd will have a hard time following or dancing to songs they don’t know about, which is why it’s recommended to stick to bands that cover songs that are already popular to keep the ground hot.

Themes and experimentation

Every party has a theme, but a theme can become too overwhelming for your crowd. If you’re not hosting a rave, a theme can be both subtle yet atmospheric. If you spend too much time and effort into forcing your party to abide by a theme you have in mind, it can have the opposite effect on your guests as they won’t tolerate it as much as you think they would. Dinner entertainment can be a French-themed band or music list, but for dancing, you shouldn’t stick to popular dance floor songs and focus on more popular genres. The element of surprise is also an important one, but it’s a risky gamble. If you don’t pull it off right, it can pause the fun. An under-the-radar band can be used to pull off a musical act that surprises everyone; indie artists are usually the preferred choice for this kind of experimentation.

Adding a little variety

If your guests are used to the bands you bring, it could make your party too predictable to be fun or energetic. It’s okay to keep a recurring band if your client insists on bringing them every year. Adding in a little variety is essential to keep the spontaneity of your party and make sure that the guests coming won’t be talking about your insistence on bringing the same band every year. If your budget allows, try to feature different artists and bands from different cities or even different countries.

The fine art of hosting a party is an ancient one. You have to read the environment right and think ahead of time as if you’re a guest at your own party. There are no rights or wrongs, no standards that would please everyone. The whole party entertainment is open to experimentation and there is always room for a unique touch or two.

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