Good Faith

Madeon kicks off Good Faith Live tour in London [Review]

It’s an exciting time for the music industry right now as French phenomenon Madeon makes his return after a break. Kicking off his next era with two enchanting new singles and a mindblowing performance at Lollapalooza in Chicago earlier this year, he announced the Good Faith Live tour spanning from September to January of 2020, and on September 25 the tour officially begun with a sold out performance in London.

Choosing the famous venue Heaven to distill the ‘Good Faith’ onto, fans were excited as the superstar made his first solo show comeback since 2015. Traveling from all over Europe especially for this show, the vibe was electric as the bubbling fans packed out the venue. Following on from the unforgettable Lollapalooza show, that was a teaser of the madness attendees could expect to witness during this tour.

One thing that was instantly eye catching was the set-up. Showcasing that attendees were about to witness a true spectacle, a microphone took centre stage whilst drum pads and analogue synthesizers were placed on clear desks on each side of the stage. The visual screen stretched across the back wall of the stage, ready for the visuals to hypnotize the minds of the crowd.

As the venue suddenly went pitch black, the venue was filled with the excited screams of the passionate fans as they got ready to witness everything that Good Faith Live had to offer. Starting off strong, the uplifting vibes of ‘All My Friends’ – the first single to kick off the Good Faith era – filled the air as the crowd jumped up and down to the infectious beats. It seemed Madeon fed off of the energy that the crowd was putting out as his powered through his electrifying performance and wowed with every track he played out. As expected, the set was injected with multiple IDs from the upcoming album (which the date has not yet been announced, but we can expect it soon) and each was received with overwhelming love and positivity, proving that Good Faith will be one of the biggest hits in Madeon’s wildly successful career to date. Much like the Adventure and Shelter Live tours, there was no shortage of dazzling live edits made especially for this tour run.

Witnessing the growth of Madeon as an artist is truly magical, and the Good Faith Live tour proves that his years of being low-key was spent working away on crafting this stunning project. The wait between Adventure, Shelter and now was well and truly worth the wait if the album is going to be anything like the accompanying live show. Do yourself a favour and catch Madeon on tour, and prepare to be absolutely mind-blown as you witness one of today’s greatest shows to ever be created. Check out the rest of the tour dates and snag tickets fast, as shows are unsurprisingly selling out fast.

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