Martin Garrix annonces STMPD RCRDS radio show

Not content with one of the busiest and most acclaimed labels in dance music and hosting stages at some of the world’s biggest festivals including Tomorrowland and SzigetMartin Garrix has now announced that his STMPD RCRDS label is set to launch its very own radio show. The show will kick-off with STMPD RCRDS one and only Julian Jordan, who will show the listeners around his hometown Apeldoorn.

Opting not to create a radio show in its traditional sense, the show will have a unique angle that will set it apart. Each episode will be devoted to a different STMPD RCRDS artist, following a day in their life through a combination of their music, interview and field recording.

A video version of the show will also be available via YouTube, allowing fans to see the locations for themselves. The show will feature exclusive music and favourites from the artist in question, creating for a well-rounded snapshot of what they are all about. The monthly show will be broadcast on a selection of various platforms and is produced by Chris Bailey from The Boy in the Corner.

Check out the first episode of the STMPD RCRDS radio show with Julian Jordan below or listen here!

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