Neptune Orizon releases ‘Undisclosed’ after three-year hiatus

After a three year hiatus from releasing music, French producer Neptune Orizon is back with fresh track “Undisclosed”. His latest single is one out of the eight that he intends to fully release throughout the next year, and sure tells one intriguing story. As one of the most organic artists out there, this track release is exactly what we all needed to hear. Between writing, traveling, exploring through nature, and performing, Neptune Horizon was able to find his common ground once again, and “Undisclosed” depicts his musical self discovery in the most intriguing manner.

The track exposes Neptune’s redesigned sound beautifully, and has gained tons of positive recognition from fans all around the globe. It encompasses a wide array of down-tempo electronic beats, making it a song easy to chill out and unwind to. After listening to the single’s entirety, it’s obvious that various elements of nature and spiritual self-reflection played a huge roll in it’s overall tone. “Undisclosed” makes you feel the way life should feel on a daily basis, enlightened and carefree.

Throughout his three-year breather from any music releases, Neptune Orizon came to the realization that thanks to his music, he can try to awaken consciences on the gravity of our impact on nature. His keen appreciation for the environment and love for nature and animals is what initially inspired him to take his music on a major turn, which he has done so phenomenally. “Undisclosed” illustrates the journey between the old world of Neptune Orizon and the newly evolved one, and we can’t wait to listen to the rest of Neptune’s captivating story.