New Facebook feature trialed at Tomorrowland 2019

Facebook have trialled a new “Collaborative Stories for Public Figures” feature at this years Tomorrowland as the social networking site looks to transform its services beyond 2020. To keep up with the social media competition, networking giant Facebook turned its focus towards a story feature with the aim of combining public events and artists together within them. In effect, this would benefit participating artists as they would be exposed to a wider audience including people who might not follow them. This comes as Facebook aims to help public figures “make money and develop their businesses, by improving the accessibility to fans.

Tomorrowland played as host to the tests, with Martin Solveig, Jax Jones and The Chainsmokers among 20 artists involved in the collaborative stories. For those DJs mentioned, the returning results were rather impressive, with over 90% of the views coming from users who did not follow them previously:

“Fans were able to see a range of perspectives from the festival and discover new artists.”

It seems as if this isn’t the only feature Facebook is looking to improve or introduce, with the recent release of Fan Reply Stickers and rumours of a Facebook Dating feature circulating the web. For more in-depth information regarding the new Facebook feature for Public Figures, and specific results from the Tomorrowland experiment click here!

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