Parys X

Parys X – Electric Dinosaur

Sometimes, tracks come along that are so irresistibly catchy that they become worldwide phenomenons at a crazily fast rate (‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘What Does The Fox Say?’ anyone?). Sure, they aren’t always tracks that are meant to be taken seriously but that’s half the fun of it: creating a track that makes people laugh, have fun and forget about the world for a few minutes. The latest song to do this was Pinkfong’s children’s song ‘Baby Shark’. As of right now, the song has 3.5 billion views on YouTube and has sparked a craze that has made the entire world go crazy. Even the EDM industry has gotten in on the action, with Jauz creating a remix of it, but there’s a track that has recently surfaced by artist Parys X that is being named ‘the EDM ‘Baby Shark”.

Parys X is someone that refuses to be defined by a genre, and his track ‘Electric Dinosaur’ could become what ‘Baby Shark’ is to the entire world, to the EDM industry. Already gaining over 23 thousand views on YouTube, ‘Electric Dinosaur’ is something that will get stuck in your head immediately. The lyrics are extremely simple with a catchy beat, but that’s the recipe for a viral sensation. Not to be taken too seriously, the Australian artist knows what all the hallmarks of a viral song are and has created exactly that. After one listen if you find yourself absentmindedly singing the lyrics, it wouldn’t be surprising. The music video is weird and wonderful at the same time, and is hard to look away from and you’ll probably find yourself watching it a few times to grasp it.

Watch the music video below and get ready for the track to be stuck in your head as you repeat the lyrics over and over to yourself!

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