Pineo & Loeb Middelthon Circles Remix

Pineo & Loeb – Circles (Middelthon Remix)

Coming from the midst of Norway, 20-year-old music producer Andreas Middelthon, known by his artist name ‘Middelthon’ has been storming the tropical and dance music industry lately. The young talent has impressed several industry legends with his works and promises to be a significant player in the industry over the coming years.

Middelthon recently released his remix for Pineo & Loeb’s single Circles. The remix has been going strong all across the globe and is a true highlight of the unique Middelthon sound. In the remix he incorporates his love of the marimba sound and other tropical elements, mixing them with elements rarely used in tropical house into a high energy blend of his own. The vocals providing the silver lining to the beautiful and melodic instrumental underneath. The track transitions seamlessly from one part to another. If you have been looking for songs for your car playlists, this track is a perfect example of what you might need.

Middelthon started his journey with electronic music back in 2016 and has had a commendable growth since then. Just after a year Middelthon was among the winners of a remix contest of the song “Shots” by MKJ and also added the honor of having an official remix to his name. Following his winning remix, he started to gain traction from producers all around and was asked to remix the hit song “Skin” by NIKO which was released in April 2018. Blending in his unique production techniques he released his first original track in the form of Snowy Day. The name of the track well justifies the feeling associated with it. The calmness and melodic nature of the song makes it stand out.

Middelthon incorporates a playful and spontaneous approach to music production, valuing music from his heart rather than calculating what will be most popular. In the modern dance music industry, such values are hard to find. Check out and support this amazing upcoming talent.

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