Ibiza Ushuaia

Shazam’s Ibiza charts give us the lowdown on the biggest tunes of Summer 2019

As Ibiza season draws to a close, what better way to gauge the summer’s dance music trends than with a handy chart of the most played tracks of the past few months. Fortunately, such a thing exists thanks to track-identifying wizards Shazam, who have now unveiled their mid-September chart.

First up, a massive milestone for Berlin-based producer Paul Kalkbrenner, who makes his Shazam chart debut with his moody and progressive No Goodbye. Of course, Shazam charts alone aren’t always the sign of a smash in the making, and if this were a chart merely using data from a Wetherspoon’s in Wigan then you might have a point, but its appearance here shows it’s getting plenty of airing on the White Isle, and little else matches that in terms of benchmarking a future hit.

Elsewhere, house remains king on Ibiza as Roberto Surace remains at the top with Joys, a track that has been huge this year and is also right at home on the Defected imprint, the UK based label having enjoyed a wildly successful summer at Eden. Melodic techno is also riding high this year thanks to the efforts of class-leaders such as Tale Of Us, with ARTBAT’s utterly sublime remix of Monolink’s Return To Oz sitting at #7. Peggy Gou is at #6 with the peerless Starry Night, while on the more commercial house side Meduza’s Piece Of Your Heart is at #3. Of course, it’s no real surprise that Fisher’s You Little Beauty makes an appearance at #8, but it is perhaps unusual to see that his 2018 breakthrough Losing It is still the second most Shazamed track on the island – one can only assume from the more “cheap and cheerful” bars that line the Playa Den Bossa strip and San Antonio’s west-end.

Check out the chart in full below.