Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki announces Backstreet Boys collaboration ‘Let It Be Me’

Steve Aoki is a man who has done it all. From playing the best events in the world to launching his own fitness bootcamp on an app and a documentary about his lie, it’s easier to name things he hasn’t done than things he has and his latest feat sees him become an honorary member of the Backstreet Boys (which isn’t a sentence we thought we would ever be typing!). Although it seems like an unexpected collaboration, Steve Aoki is the perfect DJ to bring the Backstreet Boys into the world of EDM as he has worked with many pop stars before to deliver some extremely successful hits, and this will likely be no different.

Announcing the collaboration through social media posts on Monday August 26, the track will be called ‘Let It Be Me’ and has actually been speculated about for a while since Steve Aoki confirmed a collaboration was in the works as early as last year when the group hung out with him at Aoki’s Playhouse but at the time it wasn’t clear whether the track would be on his album or the Backstreet Boys’ album, and that information is still yet to be revealed.

Releasing on September 6, ‘Let It Be Me’ will go down as one of the biggest collaborations of the year.


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