Steve Aoki – Let It Be Me (feat. Backstreet Boys)

Not too long ago it was announced that Steve Aoki would be bringing iconic band Backstreet Boys into the world of EDM. Probably one of the most suitable DJs to do so, Aoki has worked with many non-EDM artists from Kpop group BTS to singer Louis Tomlinson and is always hunting down exciting new artists to introduce to the scene. Although some may be surprised by the fact that he and the Backstreet Boys have worked together, they actually have a relationship that spans across years with Steve Aoki meeting Nick Carter and him singing on stage with the DJ in Las Vegas two years ago and now the anticipated track ‘Let It Be Me’ is finally here.

With a light, uplifting guitar melody that opens up the track, the expert vocals provided by the Backstreet Boys kick in and one thought comes to mind: the Backstreet Boys’ voices were made for an EDM track. When you listen to ‘Let It Be Me’, you’ll notice that the whole track seems so organic. The drop is equally as beautiful as the verses, with a little more energy injected into it in true Steve Aoki style. Melodic house vibes are evident throughout and with lyrics that are sure to strike a chord with many listeners, its safe to say that this is one of Steve Aoki’s best collaborations yet and will allow the Backstreet Boys’ (who are currently on their DNA tour) music to reach a younger audience.

“This song has a beautiful message and relates to a lot of different people overcoming challenges when you love someone, and love always wins in the end. I’m really proud of this one and know it will touch a lot of people.” – Steve Aoki in a statement via PEOPLE 

The track is out now via Ultra Records and is available to stream below.

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