Home Uncategorized Steve Aoki throws first ever ‘Aoki Games’ for his charity
The very first "Aoki Games"

Steve Aoki throws first ever ‘Aoki Games’ for his charity

Home Uncategorized Steve Aoki throws first ever ‘Aoki Games’ for his charity

The very first “Aoki Games” took place in Las Vegas organized by Steve Aoki‘s charity organization with the aim of raising funds to support brain research, science, and to spread awareness about the importance of the human brain.


The Aoki Foundation was established by the superstar DJ himself in 2012. He proves year after year that he has given quite a serious thought about the whole role of science and rejuvenation in our societies. Using his power of being a public figure, he is constantly raising awareness about the challenges we are facing in the 21st century and turning his fame to the advantage of creating a greater cause. The motivating source comes from a personal matter – after he lost his father, Rocky Aoki, in 2008 suffering from brain cancer, his curiosity grew around the topic and he found himself being obsessed with cognitive- and neuroscience. His charity’s mission is donating to brain researchers who are not backed by pharmaceutical companies and need resources with the aim of exploring our abilities to preserve and recover human brains.

By now everyone who is at least a little involved in the world of EDM is aware that Aoki knows how to throw a party at festivals and clubs, but he took his abilities to the next level organizing the first annual ‘Aoki Olympics’ – in order to keep the event all fun and games while serving such a noble cause. The tournament included AOKI basketball, ping-pong, Twister, chess, and of course the losers had to spin the Aoki-wheel to find out their ‘punishments’ – one of either the signature ‘Cake Me’, Dunk Me or Ice Me options. Here are some pictures of the madness:


To hear more about Steve Aoki’s visions check out this video below that he recorded back in 2013 or read his memoir, ‘BLUE: the color of noise’, to attain more information of the legendary DJ and producer.

And if you would like to join the movement he has started, you can donate by visiting the organization’s website: www.aokifoundation.org

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