The Reindeers

The Reindeers – Paradise

Masked duo The Reindeers are two producers hailing from Switzerland. Fresh on the scene, they stepped foot onto their musical path in April of 2018 but being new has never discouraged them in any way shape or form. Their interest in the sweet sound that uplifting house gives off is what inspired them to create music in the first place and they aim to make melodic music, sometimes with a pop-centric vibe and other times, with EDM being the driving idea.

What is more is that their latest release is set to add to their catalog of original productions. The duo release ‘Paradise’, which brings the uplifting melodic vibes as promised by the duo. Reflecting their emotions is something they always aim to do through their tracks and this one is no different with the emotion coming through strongly thanks to the melodies and chords. Talking about the experience of creating ‘Paradise’, The Reindeers said:

“We started with the melody and chords in the drop. The string section kind of came into the song after we realized, that it works better then our initial idea.” 

The string section at the start of the track gives it a unique edge and transports it to new heights and blends beautifully with the vocal hook. Still molding and evolving their style as they navigate through the music industry, this masked pairing is definitely one to follow.

Out now, ‘Paradise’ is a true treat for the ears. Stream it on Spotify here or below.

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