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Exclusive Interview: Third Party discuss new ‘Release Deep’ label

From their early days in dance music with releases on labels such as SIZE Records, UK duo Third Party (aka Harry Bass & Jonnie Macaire) have always possessed a raw and natural talent when it comes to their work both behind the decks, and in the studio. Since then, the pair have stepped into their own spotlight, becoming one of the industry’s biggest acts via a meteoric rise which has also spawned their iconic imprint, Release Records. 

With 2019 already shaping up as one of their biggest career years to date, thanks to the release of their simply stunning second studio album ‘TOGETHER‘, Third Party have now launched their new label, Release Deep, a home for the deeper prog-focused releases that the duo so publicly adore. Just four months after catching up with the boys at their Ministry of Sound London performance, we spoke to Jonnie and Harry backstage at Creamfields, and discussed the launch of Release Deep in a little more detail, as well as the plan for forthcoming music, which includes their euphoric remix of Axwell’s ‘Nobody Else‘…

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Guys, tell us, what was the idea behind Release Deep, and the platform that it will give other artists to release with you?

Jonnie: “Release Deep has been in the works for a long time because we get sent a lot of the deeper, more progressive music, that we love. With Release, it has to be a certain energy level, when we get sent music we always describe it in terms of energy levels, but by opening a specific sub label like Release Deep, we’ve got this whole new area where we cater for this type of music that we really love.”

So does this mean that Release Records will follow a more euphoric trend and Release Deep will take the more proggy stuff?
Harry: “Yeah, Release will still stay where it has been. We will be actually working under a new alias soon, more underground vibes, and we don’t want to take anything away from what Release has been doing, and where we’ve been going with that.”

Jonnie: “That’s crucial. We’re not changing anything, Release will be Release, but if anything this just opens it up because we look at Release and we know: This is EXACTLY what this is now, before we had to think about where certain music might go, but now, we know for sure the differences between the two. And then the plan is to get Release Deep shows going, once people get what this is all about, so we can help the acts, people like Pete K, and Sentinel, and all those we’re excited about… The amount of tracks Pete has got in his locker where they maybe haven’t suited Release, but now we can really go for it with him on Release Deep!”

Harry: “Sentinel have got some really good tracks coming up!”

So we know Pete K will be featuring heavily on the schedule, will there be other artists who have played at your events who will feature on the label, Sebjak perhaps? Or David Pietras?
“We’ve not spoken to Seb or Dave Pietras, Seb has his own stuff going on, but we really wanna get these type of artists out there, alongside our alias, and then push it all out there! We’ve played one of the tracks from the alias, but it was at a secret location!”

Which location?

“Well, it was at Olympia actually!”

So can we expect anything new from you guys in the coming months?
“Yeah a couple of new ones! We’ve been working on the remix for Axwell, so in terms of a release date, we’ve got a bit more work to do on it and then once we finish it… Boom. It’s been tweaked a bit since London. But then, we’ve also got a new version that’s not playable yet, but almost there! And also our ‘Superstylin’ mix which has been tweaked.”

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Once again bringing a completely unrivalled euphoria to Creamfields, Third Party tore the Pepsi Max stage to pieces with their thunderous performance on Saturday evening  – with many labelling the set as the best of the 2019 festival – high praise indeed on a line-up which also included the likes of Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, The Chemical Brothers, and Eric Prydz. Having amassed a truly fanatical fanbase on account of their #ReleaseFamily vibes of unity and positivity, the boys will once again be in action on UK shores next month with a set at Don’t Let Daddy Know, before jetting over to Amsterdam for their annual ADE party on 18th October! Grab your tickets asap, because this one is 100% guaranteed going OFF! 

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