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Unreleased Avicii music leaked in full quality

In a surprising new revelation, some previously unreleased Avicii music has been leaked in full studio quality. The news, which initially caught attention in a fan-created Avicii subreddit, states that there are 7 tracks that have been leaked. It is believed these tracks came from his laptop of which was stolen back in 2013, however, this is merely speculation.

A list of the leaked songs appeared, however, the subreddit’s admins have been doing their best quash and eliminate links to the songs, out of respect for the late artist. It is also rumoured that there are as many as another 10 songs yet to be leaked, however, it is unclear whether or not any of the songs are/were planned for release. In addition to this, it is also believed that many of these songs did not make the cut for his albums; ‘Stories’ and ‘True’.

It is also worth noting that Kygo has reportedly finished ‘Forever Yours’, which was originally sung by Sandro Cavazza, which was co-produced by Tim.

Below, is a list of the leaked Avicii songs, however, whether or not an official release/s is planned, is still yet unknown.

Avicii – Crocodile Tears (Feat. Vargas & Lagola)
Avicii – Give Up The Ghost (Feat. 
Elle King)
Avicii – No Pleasing A Woman (Tim’s Vocals)
Avicii – Promises Of Tears (Tim’s Vocals)
Syn Cole – Bright Lights (Version 1)
Syn Cole – Bright Lights (Version 2)
Kygo & Sandro Cavazza – Forever Yours (Avicii Tribute)

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