KSHMR x Yoel Lewis

Yoel Lewis – Agrippas

Hailing from Israel, Yoel Lewis is making big moves with his career lately. Having made great connections with labels like Armada and KSHMR‘s Dharma imprint, he has all the heavyweights in his corner and knows exactly how to create successful tracks. Appearing on Tomorrowland‘s ‘The Secret Kingdom of Melodia’ compilation album, he has had his tracks played by massive artists (such as Armin van BuurenHardwellDash Berlin and many more) at the biggest festivals in the world, whilst featuring on some huge line ups. Playing at ASOT 800 in Utrecht and having his ‘Xplode’ remix with Graham Bell hit Beatport‘s #1 spot in the trance charts for more than six weeks, and heavily supported by Armin for the following months, Yoel Lewis is a legend in every sense of the word.

Continuing his streak of creating hit after hit, Yoel Lewis is back with ‘Agrippas’. In historical terms, the name ‘Agrippa’ comes from a soldier who commanded a fleet, and this track is commanding the music scene right now. The real story behind the name of the track, though, stems from his heritage and wanting to honour his city. ‘Agrippas’ is one of the main streets located there and is near Machane Yehuda Market – which is also featured on the track’s cover art – which is one of most iconic places in Jerusalem. Together with this story and the track, Yoel Lewis has created something in which Jerusalem can be proud of.

Showcasing what trance is all about, the talented producer puts an emphasis on the spectacular build-up. Featuring punching beats that then give way to sounds filled with Middle Eastern vibes with a beautiful vocal hook, feelings of euphoria rush over the track which is then accompanied by the breathtaking drop. It’s safe to say the build-up was 100% worth it as it only makes the drop more special when it arrives with massive amounts of energy. ‘Agrippas’ has been so popular and well received that it was even chosen to be the opener in the soundtrack to the magnificent Airbeat One Festival 2019 aftermovie and was put into the ‘Dharma: Sounds Of Summer’ compilation.

This trance treat being released on Dharma is a huge deal for up-and-coming trance producers going forward as Dharma is a subsidiary of Spinnin’ Records. Showing off their diversity as labels, Dharma and Spinnin’ are helping to show trance to entirely new audiences and helping to grow the fan community to even bigger heights than what it is currently at. Yoel Lewis has gotten trance through to dominating labels, proving that no one can resist an uplifting melody! Make sure to follow Yoel Lewis for latest updates on tours and music on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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