Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha – Never Look Back

One of the most talented and hard-working artists in the game, Boris Brejcha, came out with a brand new uplifting track called ‘Never Look Back’ via Ultra Music.

2019 has treated the German techno music producer / DJ very well, becoming one of the most remarkable years of his career so far: he hosted a sold-out party at Amsterdam Dance Event last week of his imprint ‘Fckng Serious’ inviting Ann Clue, Deniz Bul and Theydream to join him on stage.

Also, he just finished his first real “Fckn Tour” in the USA and Canada and he is happy to let us have an insight into his and his crew’s tour lifestyle through a vlog and blog post that you can check out in here.

After his three-track ‘Butterflies’ EP back in August the euphoric single ‘Happinezz’, featuring the robotic vocals of Ginger, and the more melodic techno single ‘Gravity’, featuring Laura Kolinth, Boris adds a new official release to his collection: ‘Never Look Back’

The track might sound familiar to the joker-masked DJ fans, as he has been including it in his sets for a long while now. He stays true to his signature style; ‘Never Look Back’ embodies the features of his own sub-genre created: ‘high tech minimal’ that he also refers to as the ‘intelligent music of tomorrow’. He is driving the melodic techno with constant beats accompanying until reaching a breakdown by introducing vocals to the song just to be able to add some trance elements to achieve the perfect mixture.

In his AMA session on Reddit, he confirmed that ‘Never Look Back’ will be a part of his highly anticipated album, that will see the light the first half of next year! When he was asked what is his guilty pleasure he went:

“When I have finished a new track, I dance along in my studio all by myself, over-excitedly, to that song for hours to test if it would work good at a party.”

We can imagine the dance movies, especially now that he just marked his name on the 2019 edition of Top100 list of DJs on the DJ Mag Poll – he entered the popularity list on the 85th position! Congratulations!

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