Daft Punk rumored to collaborate with Coldplay

If there’s one electronic music act who almost solely exist to get people hot and excited nowadays, it those robot-suited French geniuses Daft Punk. After a massive hiatus, their triumphant return in the shape of Random Access Memories reassured the dance music world that they still had unfinished business. It’s been fairly quiet since then though, so even the tinest rumours are bound to cause a storm, and now there’s a big one.

Enter post-Britpop megastars Coldplay, the British band who warmed the mainstream airwaves as dance music took a backseat through the 00s. But when the tables turned and indie music gave way to the EDM explosion, they weren’t about to hand up their guitars. Since then Coldplay have, to their credit, managed to bridge a gap unlike few other groups. Their main output still appeals to the affluent middle-classes, while collaborations with the likes of Avicii and The Chainsmokers saw them become a surprise hit on festival mainstages.

So where does the two stories meet? Well on a relatively obscure Coldplay fan page “Coldplay Italia” someone has now leaked a tracklist for the supposed eigth studio album, which they hypothesise could be called Fools Gold. Long term fans of UK indie bands will hope this sleight in terms of title is nothing more than a rumour, but for dance music fans, track five is genuine gold – a collaboration with Daft Punk. It remains to be seen if the screenshot is genuine or an elaborate hoax, but while fabricating Coldplay tracklists might seem like a bizarre and pointles thing to do, leaking rumours of a new Daft Punk track isn’t, not when hype is concerned.

Indeed, the fan page in question doesn’t seem prone to rumour, nor are they particularly concerned with Daft Punk – for them it is just a footnote among other news such as the album containing nine (nine!) tracks, or that they might be blessing us with another album shortly afterwards. I’m sure no dance music fan will lose sleep over any of these facts, but the headline remains the same – the return of Daft Punk. Let’s hope it isn’t the fantasy of a Coldplay fan picking random memories out of a hat.